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Twisted liquid crystal (February 2024)

Physics Today, Back scatter

Stripes in a flowing liquid crystal suggest a route to “chiral” fluids (January 2024)

MIT News

Spiegelbild-Strukturen können aus „normalen“ Vorstufen entstehen (January 2024), Das Wissensmagazin

Drying Cracks (May 2023)

Relaxation de contraintes (May 2023)

Industrie & Technologies

Prizes for Breakfast Cereals and Bubble Tears (March 2023)


Instabilities on Instabilities (March 2023)

Keeping an eye on drying liquid crystals (July 2022)

Beyond our eyes: 1st prize at IUPAP 100 Photo Contest (June 2022)

2022 Gallery of Soft Matter Awards (March 2022)

Inflating Muscles and Creeping Fingers Receive New Prize (March 2022)

Cracking Droplets (January 2022)

Winners of Art Matters exhibition, Society of Engineering Science (November 2021)

Turbulent bestiaire (November 2021)

Epsiloon, le magazine d’actualité scientifique

Exciting Turbulence with Polymers (August 2021)

A leaf of fern - Dendritic growth in nematic liquid crystals (June 2021)

Three MIT PhD Students Awarded J-WAFS Fellowships for Water Solutions (May 2021)

Dendritic (September 2020)

Branching Gels (August 2020)


Insight: Multiverse, an interdisciplinary concert series that combines music & science in live performance (August 2020)

Intricate Branching in Soft Solids (June 2020)

Dendritic (June 2020)


The Birth of a Liquor (April 2020)


Le mille sfaccettature dei gel (March 2020)

Probing microscopic wiggles in squishy materials (March 2020)

Tropfen wundervoll in Szene gesetzt (February 2020)

Blooming Deposits (December 2019)

Drying Out (December 2019)

Video Prize Dominated by Superhydrophobic Surfaces (November 2019)

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